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How would you call  the invisible mental distress  caused by the pressure of an oppressive social system like patriarchy?

If there was no term to define this condition before, you can now find it here in The Feminist Textile Glossary and spread it out! 

This project started from questioning how design can transform, challenge and re-shape the patriarchal system and which are the tools that we as designers and human beings can bring to the table to challenge these social standards and cultural norms.

Patriarchy is one of the oldest oppressive system and it promotes violence, dominance and control. 

Although the equality between men and women has generally improved, today we still live in a patriarchal society, which causes problems for people of all genders.

The intent of this project is to take language as a vehicle for activist revolution and textile crafts as the tool of its physical and visual representation.

The Feminist Textile Glossary will embody this empowering vision: it’s a product in the form of a physical dictionary which aims to capture the many shades of feeling , facts and conditions which have always existed into our patriarchal reality but that have always been neglected from a social and , consequently,  from a linguistic perspective.

Each term of the glossary is then translated into a piece of embroidered graphical output thanks to a data processing system and it’s used to set up and decorate a portable urban tent.

The function of the tent is symbolic and practical at the same time: it is a physical and itinerant occupation of a public space from city to city, it is the visual embodiment of new feminist concepts , it is the transition of the textile crafts from the private sphere to the public sphere in the most visible way.

More than anything else , it’s a meeting point enabling an activist debate on feminist issues.